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“I believe that clothes should be worn by women above all to flatter them, make them desirable and attractive. However, this should be done in an intelligent way since sensuality can easily slip into vulgarity” - Milkaya Laïjah

Milkaya has always been passionate about illustration and art but it was in her early teenage years that her love and interest for fashion-designing developed. Back then she lived in the Caribbean and kept herself informed about the fashion industry through magazines, books and television…but being a fashion-designer still seemed as a far-fetched dream.

After 3 years in college studying English literature & civilization, Milkaya decided to move to Paris where she integrated ESMOD, a renowned international school of fashion-designing.

In 2010, the young designer finally created her clothing line, MILKAYA LAÏJAH and presented her first collection called “Ethni-Rock”, a subtle balance between Africanism and rock couture.

Her second collection was released a year later under the ambitious name, “The Badass Collection”. Inspired by female superheroes and pop-culture, her new garments caught the eyes by their sharp-edged lines, vivid colors and bold leather details.

Over the years, the designer’s inspirations never changed, the main source being her father's paintings portraying proud, beautiful, luxurious and outrageously sensual Black women.

MILKAYA LAÏJAH has been inspired by and created for all women who are proud of their sensuality, their body and who are willing to flaunt it.




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The Bossy Suite Collection

The Bossy Collection



The BadAss Collection

Ethni-Rock Collection